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Visiting Bar entails meeting two entirely different natural environments. Whether you prefer beautiful landscapes, rich history, fantastic and exotic food, stunning beaches Bar is well known as a town of diversity, between the old part and the modern port. What is specific about the old town of Bar is that unlike all other Montenegrin cities, it is not located on the coast. The Old Bar is a real archeological museum under the open sky, surrounded by fruit gardens and olive groves.

Old Town Bar

You can read the history of Old Bar in other places. Or you can simply come and look, run your hand over the rock, pass through the archway of the gates, up the steps to Old Town Bar, and breath in the history of many thousands of years.
Orthodox-church-of-St-JohnOrthodox church of St. John

Taking a rent a car in Montenegro makes a lot of sense. It's easy to get around and you can do a lot more sightseeing with a car than without. If you are coming from Budva, or Podgorica or Tivat airoport we recomend you to check out our economy and standard class. It will be really comofortable, and you will have no problem finding parking. Bar is new town with beautiful boulevrads and lot of free parking space.

There is a second road from Virpazar, again it cannot be missed, as the road descends directly to the Old Bar. Both have their advantages. If you are moving from the direction of Budva, you may encounter large crowds in the summer. However you decide to take the old road from Virpazar, the road is quite narrow but with wonderful panoramic views.
Aqueduct-with-17-archiesAqueduct with 17 archies from 18th century

City-walls-Old-Town-BarCity walls, Old Town Bar

Bar offers numberless attractive possibilities. Feel the gentle warmth of the Mediterranean sun at sunset on one of the local beaches, experience the bay of Bar from the walls of Old Bar.

The Old Town of Bar, a fortified settlement built on a prominent rock under the slopes of Mount Rumija. The Old Fort is the only cultural monument of the first category in the Bar Municipality. From the top of the fort, there is a view towards Rumija. The openings on the walls provide interesting views. One of them is a significant historical monument the aqueduct. It is this fortress that represents the oldest part of the city. Today, the Bar Fortress has been transformed into an archeological site, open to tourists who visit this place daily. Entrance to the old part of the city is charged 1.00 Euro per person.
Ruins-of-Old-Town-BarRuins of Old Town Bar

After a tour of the old town, we suggest refreshing yourself at one of the nearby cafes. The offer is great, we suggest you drink coffee, tea or try some of the homemade juices. All cafes have free wifi. What is special about Bar cousine, is that you will find Turkish influenced food that you want find in Bay of Boka or Budva. There is a lot of gift shops, lively little shops and street life. It is very lively here, not only during summer season but throughout the whole year, and especially so during winter festivals.
Very-popular-herb-tea-in-local-restaurantVery popular herb tea in local restaurant

Bar is well-connected by major highways to Podgorica and other towns along the Coast. Both Montenegrin airports are at relatively short distances, and a railroad connects the town to the Balkan mainland. Old Bar is about 4 km from the center of Bar. It can easily be reached from Bar (follow the signposts to Ulcinj). Park your car on the big parking lot (€ 2.00 for a whole day). If you're staying in the Bay of Kotor or on the Budva Riviera, a drive down the coast to Bar and Ulcinj makes an excellent day trip. The perfect souvenir from Bar is a bottle of olive oil or a handmade bowl made from olive.
Summer-stage-at-the-entranceSummer stage at the entrance

After the break, near the Old Town is the Old Olive Tree, more than 2,000 years old. Located on Mirovica, the olive tree is considered to be one of the oldest in the world, and is believed to be the oldest in Europe. The tree represents the natural monument of Bar. The price for a tour of the Old Olive is 1.00 Euro. Old olives still bear fruit. The Bar is one of the main Montenegrin olive oil production centers. Therefore, most festivals in the city are related to the theme of olives. Legend has it that feuding families would come to the Old Olive Tree, where they would then make peace.
Over-2000-years-old-Bar-olive-treeOver 2.000 years old Bar olive tree

Bar is one of the least touristy towns on the Montenegrin coast - which makes it perfect.
Bar is an important destination for travelers looking to taste all that Montenegro has to offer in a single, magnificent place.

Distance from airports:
Podgorica airport: 46km / 1 hour drive
Tivat airport: 60km / 1 h 15 min drive
Dubrovnik airport: 110km / 2 h 40 min drive

What to see:
  • Old Town Bar
  • Old Olive Tree
  • Church Of Saint John
  • King Nikola Catle
  • Port of Bar
Life-is-everywhereLife is everywhere

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