Mobile operators in Montenegro

When we go on vacation, holiday pictures and how much fun we really have, we want to share with friends and family. Of course, something like this can only be accomplished through the internet and wi-fi. If you are planning a vacation, we recommend you to rent 4G internet when renting a car in Montenegro, which Tara-car can provide. With Wi-Fi in your car, you will be in touch with friends and family via WA / Viber, unlimited internet for all social networks, and the ability to activate online maps through Montenegro.
Mobile operators in Montenegro

Wi-Fi prices you can check on extras, it leaves you with unlimited internet, which is worth if you plan a vacation in Montenegro. If you are coming to Montenegro for business and it is not necessary to choose the best mobile network, below we bring you the advantages and disadvantages of the operators in Montenegro.

Montenegro mobile operators

There are three mobile operators in Montenegro, which provide very similar services, and there are almost no differences in prices, T-Mobile (067), One (069 M), M: tel (068). Within the T-Mobile there is a special network I love (066) which is not adapted for tourists.
The best mobile operators in Montenegro

If you land at Tivat Airport, the airport has a gift shop where you can buy a SIM card, if you head from Tivat Airport to Budva, on the left and right are large super markets (Voli, Hard discount Lakovic ...) where you can buy a prepaid SIM card.
Again, if your need is primarilyfor the internet and not for calls, the easiest option is to request Wi-Fi when renting a car.
Montenegro mobile operators

Tip: Most new smartphones use micro cards, make sure the SIM card you buy has custom shortening options, or you need to visit a mobile specialist store to shorten and customize it for your phone. If you buy the card at authorized dealerships, it will activate your card on site and adjust the size for free.
Montenegro mobile operators prepaid plans

The coverage of Montenegro by signal is very good (90% of the territory), do not expect to have a good signal in canyons and mountain areas. Only prepaid packages are available to tourists, while for the locals there is also an option for postpaid packages.
Mobile operators in Montenegro

If you would like to buy a card at the official representative office below are links of all three Montenegrin operators, where you can find the locations of their stores:

  • T-Mobile (067)
  • One (069)
  • M:tel (068)
The best mobile operators in Montenegro

The pre-paid package offer is diverse (this is the only format available to tourists).
Good to know: Free internet (Wi-Fi), is available in almost all restaurants, bars and coffe shops.. Hotels offer this service, in addition, most private apartments have free internet access.

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