7 Days Itinerary Montenegro: Perfect One-Week Holiday

Are you planning a 7-day holiday in Montenegro? Whether you're looking to explore the country's natural beauty or immerse yourself in its rich culture and history, there's no shortage of things to see and do. But before you set out on your adventure, it's important to properly prepare for your trip.
7 days ltinerary montenegro

We prepared for you an easy to follow 7 days itinerary for Montenegro amazing holiday.


7 Days Itinerary for Montenegro

Day 1: Arrive in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro. If you are arriving by airplane, take a car rental at Podgorica airport. Take a ride around the city center, and visit the Millennium Bridge and the Clock Tower. In the afternoon, take a short drive to Lake Skadar, the largest lake in the Balkans. Go for a boat ride and see the island monasteries, and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Day 2: Head to Budva, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Montenegro. Explore the Old Town, walk along the promenade, and visit the St. Ivan Church. In the afternoon, take a short drive to the Sveti Stefan island, a luxury resort located on a small island connected to the mainland by a narrow causeway.

Day 3: Drive to Kotor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most picturesque towns in Montenegro. Visit the Old Town, the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon, and the Castle of San Giovanni. Take a hike up to the fortress above the town for panoramic views of the Bay of Kotor. Read our full guide things to do in Kotor, Montenegro.

Day 4: Take a short drive to Lovcen National Park, home to Mount Lovcen, the second-highest mountain in Montenegro. Visit the Njegos Mausoleum, a mausoleum dedicated to the famous Montenegrin poet and philosopher, Petar II Petrovic Njegos. Hike to the Lovcen for breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea.

Day 5: Drive to Cetinje, a small town and royal capital of Montenegro. Visit many historical museums, Bilarda, Petrovic castle and residency: Learn Montenegrin history at the spot from city guides.

Day 6: Head to Durmitor National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest national park in Montenegro. Visit Black Lake, the most famous lake in the park, and take a hike to the peak of Bobotov Kuk, the highest peak in the massive Durmitor mountain.

Day 7: Depart from Podgorica.

10 Tips for 7 days holiday preparation

Here are 10 tips for 7-day holiday preparation that will help you make the most of your time in Montenegro.

  1. Make a plan: Create an itinerary for your 7-day holiday, including destinations, activities, and accommodations. This will help you stay organized and make the most of your time.
  2. Pack wisely: Make a list of what you will need for your trip and pack accordingly. Remember to include essentials such as medications, travel documents, and comfortable clothing and shoes.
  3. Research your destination: Learn about the culture, customs, and local laws of the places you will be visiting. This will help you navigate unfamiliar environments and make the most of your time there.
  4. Consider travel insurance: Purchase travel insurance to protect yourself in case of emergencies or unexpected events.
  5. Make reservations: Book accommodations and activities in advance to ensure availability and avoid disappointment.
  6. Confirm transportation: Confirm transportation arrangements, such as flights, car rentals, and train tickets.
  7. Be prepared for unexpected delays: Plan for unexpected delays and have a backup plan in case things don't go as planned.
  8. Do not forget your electronic devices and their chargers, they will be your companion all the way.
  9. Make copies of important documents and leave them with a friend or family member in case of loss or theft.
  10. Be flexible, things may not always go as planned, and you need to be open to changes and adjustments.

Why visit Montenegro?

Montenegro is a small country in southeastern Europe that offers a variety of scenic drives and breathtaking views. The country has a diverse landscape, including mountains, canyons, and coastline, which makes for a great road trip.

Additionally, Montenegro is relatively unspoiled by tourism, which means that you can enjoy the natural beauty of the country without crowds. Furthermore, many of the roads in Montenegro are well-maintained, which makes for a comfortable and safe driving experience. All of these factors combined make for a truly memorable road trip to Montenegro.

How Long Does it Take to Drive Around Montenegro?

With a total length of around 270 km, and a driving distance around the coast is about 500 km Montenegro can look like a little Mediterranean country. If you're wondering how long it would take to drive around Montenegro, the answer depends on a few factors.

Firstly, the route you take will play a significant role in determining the duration of your road trip. There are several routes that you can take to explore the country, each with its unique charm.

The amount of time you spend at each destination will also impact the length of your road trip. If you're planning to visit several destinations and spend some time at each one, it will take longer than if you were just driving around the country and making only brief stops.

It's also important to keep in mind that some roads in Montenegro can be narrow and winding, and traffic can be heavy in tourist areas during peak seasons. So, it would be wise to factor in some extra time for traffic and road conditions.

However, if you plan to visit several destinations and spend some time at each one, you will need around 7-10 days to visit the most popular destinations. And as with any road trip, it's always a good idea to leave some extra time in your itinerary for unexpected delays or detours.

Montenegro is a beautiful country with a lot to offer, and a road trip is the best way to explore it. Whether you're planning to spend a week or just a few days, Montenegro will not disappoint. Just make sure to plan, pack wisely and most importantly, enjoy the journey!

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