5 Best Panoramic Roads in Montenegro

Are you ready for a drive through the best panoramic roads in Montenegro? Montenegro offers a variety of gorgeous driving routes, featuring a lovely coastline set by a lot of jagged mountains. Imagine ‘omg' and ‘white-knuckle' experiences in similar ways, with stunning sights over every steep fall, whether it's on major freeways or single-lane rural infrastructure. 

It's not for the weak of spirit to drive in Montenegro, however, it's a real treat.

The region has already been populated throughout history (most notably by the Venetians) and became a popular destination. Remnants of abandoned tourist resorts litter the shoreline, much as they do in neighboring Croatia.

What are the best Panoramic roads in Montenegro?

The roadways surrounding the bay are well-worn, although they don't see nearly as much traffic as they used to. Meanwhile, tourism — particularly the cruise liner industry – is regaining popularity in Montenegro. These days, having a car is essential for getting off the main route in Montenegro — and far from those dangerous cruise ships.
The best panoramic roads in Montenegro

Our best advice to visitors planning a trip is to rent a car in Montenegro and go exploring at their own pace. Visitors can go away from the flashing lights of Tivat and Budva and visit a few of the other communities and villages along the bay if you have your cars. 
A car will allow you visit the nature reserves up in the hills just above the sea, as well as the chance to explore the Kotor Serpentine.

1. Panoramic road Bay of Kotor

Now let us begin with a simple, inevitable, and memorable route. The route around the Bay of Kotor is going to be your initial encounter to Montenegro if you travel through Tivat Airport – and such a stunning experience it will be. 

It begins in a lovely manner, following the beach as it approaches the expansion of Herceg Novi just on the bay's borders. The aesthetic factor starts to rise after you travel through the narrow channel and round the point into the main bay. This is one of the best panoramic roads in Montenegro.

You're unexpectedly caught in a rocky grip, wedged in between the slight hillside and the freezing greywater. The view is completed by two extremely beautiful islands, each topped with a chapel. There are many interesting places to visit along the road, including Morinj, which boasts one of Montenegro's best places to eat, Risan, which has amazing Roman mosaics, and Perast, which is densely crammed with baroque cathedrals and castles.

2. The panoramic road from Plav to Grebaje village

Even natives are unaware of this roadway, which offers a completely different perspective than imagined. Tourists can observe only pristine and unspoiled scenery along this path, like Plav Lake and the Ljuca River. The journey between Plav and Grebaje town passes across Gusinje's ancient village, however, the real attraction seems to be the Grebaje village gateway.

You'll pass across the Prokletije alpine valley, which is characterized by sky-high stones and granite walls. A visit to the Ali Pasina waters would also be a must-do on this journey. These streams offer fresh, ice-cold freshwater resources for travelers.

3. The panoramic road from Podgorica to Lake Skadar

Podgorica, Montenegro's capital, may not have a great reputation among travelers because it is not as attractive as several other regions of the country. So get your rental car and avoid it.

The thirty-minute trip to Albania's Lake Skadar would look like stepping into another universe. This is among the best panoramic roads in Montenegro. The body of water is the Balkans' biggest aquatic reservoir and is well worth visiting by boat. Virpazar, on the western side, is the starting point for trips, and it also has great places to eat. If you're looking for a spot to stay the night, Donja Seoca seems to be the best place to go.

4. The panoramic road from Kotor to Cetinje

The side route heading from Kotor towards the historic Montenegrin center on the hills of National Park of Lovcen is among the most unforgettable in the region, both for the breathtaking scenery and the hair-raising curves and plunging falls.

Read more: National Parks in Montenegro - A Guide From Our Experts

After some kilometers of gradually swerving up the lower hills, you'll approach 17 kilometers of decent but tight roadway twisting through 25 sharp twists, each one presenting a view more stunning than the last. The sights from the summit extend across the bay and out to the beautiful blue Adriatic beyond.

Visitors may follow the good route from here, passing past the old village of Njegusi towards Cetinje. Alternatively, people can take a right and travel thru the center of Lovcen Nature Reserve to the magnificent Njegos Mausoleum, which sits on the mountain's second-highest point (Jezerski Vrh, 1657m). This route improves significantly as it passes through Ivanova Korita's park center and extends down to Cetinje.

5. Panoramic road in Tara Canyon and Piva Canyon

From one stunning river canyon to the next, this path takes you right into the center of hilly Durmitor National Park. The roadway begins at Mojkovac and crosses the Tara riverbank into the nature reserve. It leads to the ancient and exquisite Tara Bridge, which is located in a lush river gorge. Stay on the route to Zabljak instead of crossing the bridge.

Towards this section, pay careful attention to your speeding because traffic cops are everywhere, and it doesn't cost to offer them a reason to pull you over. Even though Zabljak is a run-down village, it's recommended for the evening to go for a stroll in the natural park. Set out on the mainline route towards Niki the next day, but take a right soon after passing Zabljak to take the back way to Pluzine. This steep hill road becomes inaccessible after a heavy snowfall, but it's a lovely and peaceful byway at other seasons, crossing some of the little glacial lakes called locally "mountain eyes."
Visiting Montenegro on a road trip? Here are the best panoramic roads in Montenegro

There are so many lovely panoramic roads in Montenegro, but only so little time! While visiting Montenegro, We would suggest you rent a car. It will make moving everywhere easier for you, and you will be ready to get the most of your trip by seeing and doing more while you are here. 

More information on hiring a car in Montenegro can be found here.

Bonus tips

Roads in Montenegro are in very good condition, regularly maintained, especially in popular areas. In the above blog post, you can read about the most popular roads in Montenegro. Keep in mind, some roads are very crowded during the summer season, so be patient when driving.
Driving in Montenegro is strictly on the right-hand side of the road.
Speed limits in Montenegro are 50 km/h in city areas, 80 km/h on open roads.
Driving in Montenegro is a very easy, pleasant, and stress-free experience. People in Montenegro are very good drivers, the roads have traffic signs well covered with cameras.
In Montenegro there are two roads with a toll - this is the Sozina tunnel, at the exit of Podgorica and highway Podgorica - Kolasin. It is very crowded in the summer season.

Not sure about car hire in Podgorica? Read our other guide and finde our why renting a car is good idea.

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