Tips for driving in Montenegro

The decision to vacation in Montenegro will not be complete if you do not decide to rent a car. As one of the most popular destinations for exploring by car, Montenegro offers a multitude of beauties, from beaches to mountains.

To fully experience it, you need a vehicle. If you are coming to our Mediterranean oasis for the first time, it is important to follow certain tips for driving in Montenegro and respect the rules on the road.

Our guide will give you tips and tricks for safe and reliable driving on the roads of Montenegro.

Driving in the coastal areas of Montenegro

Driving in Montenegro, especially in coastal areas such as Kotor, Tivat, Ulcinj, and Budva, is similar to driving in other parts of Europe. These tourist regions generally have well-maintained roads and clear signs, making navigation relatively easy for foreign drivers.

However, during the summer tourist season, traffic jams can be excessive. During peak hours of the day, the drive from Jaz Beach to the center of Budva can take up to 2 hours, instead of the standard 15 minutes. The drive from Tivat airport to Budva takes 2-3 hours instead of an hour.

If you are going to the beach by car, we recommend early morning hours when traffic is minimal and parking is always available.

Driving in rural areas of Montenegro

However, driving can be more challenging in rural areas and away from the main tourist areas. Expect lower speed limits and the possibility of wildlife jumping out of your way, especially inland and northern areas.

Certain rural and mountain roads are known to be damaged, so our advice is always to drive carefully so that the car does not suffer damage.

Countryside road in Montenegro

Certainly, driving on country and mountain roads is sure to be a real adventure that remains in the memory. Especially, when you get to the panoramic viewpoints that offer incredible views. In the Skadar Lake National Park, you can experience one of these views on Pavlova's side.

Car rental

After a tiring plane ride, our sales agents will meet you with your rental vehicle. He will hand over the car to you in excellent condition. And we are especially proud that you can drive our cars all over Montenegro.

If you decide to make your road trip extend your adventure in one of the neighboring countries, within one day we can issue you a certificate for crossing the border with a rented car.

Tips for driving in Montenegro by Tara-Car

Border crossings and documentation

We know that some will come by car. If you are entering Montenegro by car from a neighboring country, be prepared for potentially long delays at border crossings, which sometimes last up to 10 hours. Such "extreme" waiting times are common during the peak tourist season.

Make sure you have the necessary documents, such as a driving license, a green card if you are coming from Albania or Macedonia, a driver's license, and a passport, to avoid longer delays at the border crossing.

Road infrastructure and travel time

Montenegro has only one highway, from Podgorica to Kolašin. All other roads are of the highway type, so occasionally on certain sections, you can expect slightly larger queues and a longer journey.

Tips for driving in Montenegro on well maintained roads

Unlike the roads in the coastal area, some mountain roads are very "windy", so we urge all drivers to be careful.

The main road through the Morače Canyon is a real attraction for driving, as is the bridge over Đurđevića Tara. While driving through the main road towards Žabljak you can enjoy being surrounded by nature and dense pine forests.

We advise you to always travel when the weather is sunny and dry. Roads in the mountains during the summer are safe, while in the winter days, you can expect ice and snow.

Why rent a car in Montenegro?

Car rental in Podgorica offers unparalleled freedom and flexibility to explore the country at your own pace. It allows you to limit your travel, discover hidden gems, and immerse yourself in local culture without the constraints of public transport schedules.

With a rental car, you can easily reach remote "katuns", picturesque viewpoints, and old seaside towns that would otherwise be difficult to access without a car. Read in more detail what the benefits of renting a car in Montenegro.

Insurance during the use of the rent-a-car service

When driving a rental car, it is crucial to have adequate car insurance to protect yourself against potential accidents and liabilities. We often have the opportunity to see clients make minor damages, however, with the insurance they take out from Tara-Car, they do not have to worry about collecting damages and have no additional costs.

As the leading agency for rent a car in Montenegro, we offer several types of insurance including CDW and third-party liability insurance. For more information read our detailed guide to rent a car insurance in Montenegro.

Car rental guide

The process of renting a car sometimes seems simple, however, for those who do not rent cars often, it can be very complex.

The complete guide on renting a car in Montenegro

As a leading rental car company, we offer a wide range of vehicles that meet the needs of various clients and budgets. With that, we created a simple car rental guide, which can serve as a manual on how to rent the right car for a trip to Montenegro.

What does the Traffic Law say?

Since we have clients who come from all over the world, and the Montenegrin Traffic Law may differ from other laws, we would like to give you some guidelines and tips for driving in Montenegro.

You must familiarize yourself with these rules to avoid fines or legal problems during your trip.

Speed limits

In Montenegro, speed limits vary depending on the type of road and area. Generally speaking, the speed limit is from 40 to 50 km/h in populated areas, from 60 to 80 km/h on highways i 100 km/h on the highway Podgorica - Kolašin.

Of course, we recommend that you always pay attention to traffic signs for speed limits and adjust your speed accordingly. The police are strict and often during the summer season there is increased surveillance with radars.

Don't be surprised, but the speed limits may seem low compared to other countries. This is mostly due to the type of roads, which are winding and challenging.

Safety belts and child seats

Fastening seat belts is mandatory for all passengers in Montenegro, including those sitting in the back. In addition, children under the age of 12 must be properly secured in appropriate child seats or booster seats.

In our offer, we have all kinds of child seats that you can rent cheaply as an addition to the car.

Alcohol while driving

Montenegro has strict rules for the consumption of alcohol while driving.

The legal blood alcohol content for drivers is 0.03%, which is lower than in many other countries. It is best to avoid drinking alcohol if you plan to drive.

Traffic signs

Montenegrin road signs and signs mostly follow international standards, which makes them relatively easy to understand for foreign drivers.

In Montenegro, you drive in the right lane. If you are coming from Great Britain, Australia or some other country where the rule is to call the left lane, please pay attention to this rule.


Parking rules in Montenegro may vary depending on the city or place you visit. In urban areas, pay attention to designated parking zones, meters, and signs indicating parking restrictions or time limits.

If the parking lot does not with a ramp, please note that it is charged via SMS with a local mobile number. To choose the best mobile operator in Montenegro read our guide on the subject.

It is always advisable to park in authorized spaces to avoid fines or having your vehicle towed.

Parking in green areas is strictly prohibited and is fined 100 EUR.

How to drive on Montenegrin roads

A road trip in Montenegro can be a beautiful but challenging experience due to the varied terrain and road conditions in the country.

Here are some tips for driving through Montenegro that will help you navigate the roads safely.

Seaside roads

Coastal roads offer a beautiful view of the Adriatic Sea and rugged cliffs. However, these roads can be narrow and winding (the case in Boka Bay), which requires extra caution and patience when driving.

Mountain roads

The mountainous part has incredible natural beauty. Some points can only be reached by car, however, these roads can be challenging for beginners - steep, winding, and narrow in some areas.

Mountain road over the bridge Djurdjevica Tara river

Country roads

When driving in rural areas, be aware of potential hazards such as livestock or game on the road, or slow-moving farm vehicles. Also, in some places there may not be signs, if they are populated the speed limit is 40 km/h.


Montenegro has a well-developed network of roads that are free. The only toll booths you will come across are on the highway Podgorica (Smokovac) - Kolašin (Mateševo), the price is 3.5 EUR for cars. And the Sozina tunnel, which connects Podgorica with Bar, the toll price is 2.5 EUR for cars.

Both tollbooths support payment by payment cards and cash.

Road navigation

Using navigation apps like Google Maps can be helpful when driving in Montenegro, but be aware of potentially high international data charges. Therefore, we recommend that you buy internet from us, to have unlimited local internet.

We also offer a complete GPS that can help you drive.

Car rental Podgorica

If you plan to explore Montenegro by car, consider renting from a reputable company like Tara-Car rental. As a starting point, we recommend the capital, because of its central position, it is the best place to start traveling by car.

Rent a car in Podgorica Airport today.

Stops and viewpoints

One of the greatest joys of driving in Montenegro is the opportunity to stop and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. Almost all roads have stops where you can park your car and enjoy the panoramic views from the viewpoints.

Emergency assistance and roadside assistance

In case of emergencies or breakdowns while driving in Montenegro, it is useful to know the contact information of roadside assistance services. Our agents will give you all the necessary information in case you need emergency help or assistance on the road.

Also, our customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The numbers of the police, ambulance, and fire services in Montenegro, are usually 122, 124, and 123, respectively.

Final Thoughts

Driving in Montenegro can be an unforgettable experience, offering a unique combination of stunning landscapes, winding roads, and rich cultural heritage.

By following our advice, respecting local driving laws and customs, and being careful on the road, you can embark on a safe and unforgettable trip through Montenegro.

Don't forget that renting a car is the best way to get around Montenegro and take advantage of every moment of your vacation.

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